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Piano trio in d minor




    Cello (Viola da Gamba) sonatas

          no.2  in D major BWV1028

          no.3 in g mimnor BWV1029

    Trio sonata from the Musical Offering BWV1079

    Sonatas for violin and piano

          no.2 in A major  BWV 1015 

          no.3 in E major BWV 1016

          no.4 in c minor BWV 1017

          e minor BWV 1023 

    Sonata for flute and piano in e minor BWV1034




Cello sonata




Violin sonata no.1

Violin sonata no.2

Two Rhapsodies for Violin and Piano

Contrasts for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

Romanian folk dances for Violin(Cello) and Piano




10 Violin sonatas 

Cello sonatas

no.1 in F major

no.2 in g minor

no.3 in A major

no.4 in C major

Piano trios

no.1 in E flat major op 1-1

no.2 in G major  op 1-2

no.3 in C minor op 1-3

B flat major Op 11 for Piano, Clarinet and Cello "Gassenhauer"

no.7 in B flat major "Archduke" op 97

12 Variations for Cello(Flute) and Piano in F major on Mozart's "Ein Madchen oder Weibchen" Op.66

Seven Variations for Cello and Piano in E flat major on Mozart's "Bei Mannern" WoO 46


Arthur Benjamin

Viola sonata 


Arthur Bliss

Viola sonata



Baal Shem 1923 for Violin and Piano

Suite Hébraïque 1951 for Viola and Piano




Vier Stücke, Op. 5, clarinet and piano




Cello Sonata in A major




Grand Duo Concertante for Violin, Double bass and Piano

Reverie for Double Bass and Piano

Tarantella in a minor for Double Bass and Piano




Piano trios 

no.1 in B major Op.8

no.3 in c minor

a minor op Posth

Piano quartets 

no.1 in g minor

no.3 in c minor

Piano quintet in f minor op.34

Three violin sonatas

Two cello sonatas

Two Clarinet (Viola) sonatas

Scherzo (F.A.E sonata) for Violin and Piano

Haydn variations for two pianos


Frank Bridge

Viola and Piano



Allegro Appassionato

Norse Legend

Moto Perpetuo




Miniatures for Violin, cello and piano


Valse Russe


Phantasy Trio in C minor




Cello sonata




Kol Nidrei for cello and piano

Eight pieces for clarinet, viola and piano op.83




Piano trio in g minor




Cello sonata

Introduction and Polonaise brillante op.3 for Cello and Piano

Piano trio in g minor

Rondo in C major for two pianos


Clarke, Rebecca

Viola Sonata

Dumka for violin, viola and piano



Violin Sonata

Cello Sonata

First Rhapsody for Clarinet and Piano

Piano Trio



Frederic Delius

Violin Sonatas nos.2 and 3 




Sextet op37

Piano quintet no.1 Op1




Piano trio 

no.3 in f minor

no.4 "Dumky" op.90

Piano quartet in e flat minor

Piano quintet in A major Op.81

Violin sonata in G major

Violin sonatine

Rondo in g minor for Cello and Piano

Four Romantic pieces for Violin and Piano




Violin sonata

Three pieces for violin and piano op.4

Salut d’Amour op.12

La Capricieuse op.17




Concert piece for Viola and Piano

Violin sonata no.3 for Violin and Piano

Ballada for violin and piano





Piano quartets 

no,1 in c minor

no.2 in g minor op.45

Violin sonata no.1 in A major op.13

Piano trio in d minor op.120

Berceuse op.16 for violin and piano

Romance op.28 for violin and piano

Elegie op.24 for cello and piano

Papillon op.77 for cello and piano

Fantasie op.79 for flute and piano




Violin sonata in A major

Piano quintet in f minor




Three preludes arr. Heifetz

Porgy and Bess arr. Heifetz




Two Pieces for double bass and piano

 1. Intermezzo  in A major

 2. Tarantelle in  D major




Violin sonatas 

No.2 in G major

No.3 in C minor

Cello Sonata




Violin sonatas

D major op1-13

g minor op1-6

E major op1 -12



Piano trios

D major Hob.XV 7

C major Hob.XV 21

G major  Hob.XV 25

C major  Hob.XV 27

E flat major Hob.XV 30

E flat minor Hob.XV 31




Viola sonata op.11-4

Double bass sonata 

Trombone sonata

Trumpet sonata

A frog he went a-courting, Variation on an Old-English Nursery Song for Cello and Piano



Piano trio no.2 in E flat major op12

Viola Sonata in E flat major op.5-3



Yukiko Ikura

Hen-yo (Metamorphosis) for Clarinet, Cello and Piano



Charles Ives 

Trio (Violin, Cello and Piano)

Violin sonatas nos.2 and 3



John Ireland

Fantasy trio 




violin sonata



Claude Ledoux

"V" for Violin and Piano


Sonata in G major for violin and piano






Recitativo and Arioso


After the Tryst for violin and piano

Different World for violin and piano




Piano trios 

no.1 in d minor 

no.2 in c minor

Violin sonatas

no.1 in f minor

no.2 in F major

Cello sonata no.2 in D major

Song without words in D major for Cello and Piano




Theme et Variations for Violin and Piano

Quatour pour la fin du temps for Violin, Clarinet, Cello and Piano




Viola sonata no.1 Op240

Scaramouche for two pianos Op165b

Suite for violin, clarinet and piano, Op.157b (1936)




Sonata no2 in E minor Op6 for Double bass and Piano




Violin sonatas

G major K 301

E flat major K 302

C major K 303

e minor K 304

A major K 305

D major K 306

F major K 377

B flat major K 378

B flat major K 481

E flat major K 481

A major K 526

Two piano quartets

Flute quartet in D major arr. for Flute and Piano

Sonatas for piano four hands

F major K 497

C major K 521

Adagio in E major K 261 for violin and piano

Rondo in C major K 373 for violin and piano



Ken-ichi Nishizawa

Trio Concertante for Violin, Marimba and Piano




Carnival of Venice op.10

I palpiti op.13

Le Streghe op.8

Mose Fantasia

Moto Perpetuo op.11




Histroire du Tango arranged by Tadashi Imai for Violin, Marimba and Piano

Grand Tango for Cello and Piano



Gabriel Pierne 

Cello sonata in f sharp minor




Violin sonata op12

Flute sonata  op164

Sextet for Wind Quintet and Piano op100


Clarinet Sonata op 184




Two violin sonatas

Five melodies for Violin and Piano

Cello sonata in C major




Piano trio no.1 in g minor

Cello sonata in g minor



Steffan Rees

Trifle for Violin Cello and Piano 




Violin sonata 

Violin sonata opus posthumus

Piano trio

Habanera for violin and piano


Violin sonata no.1 in d minor op.75

Clarinet Sonata in E flat major op.167

Septet for trumpet, string quartet, double bass and piano op.65

Introduction and Rondo capriccioso op.28

Havanaise op.83

Danse Macabre op.40

Berceuse op38



Zigeunerweisen op.20

Malaquena y Habanera (Spanish Dances Nos.1 and 2) op.21

Playera y Zapateado (Spanish Danses Nos.5 and 6)op.23

Caprice Basque op.24

Carmen fantasy op.25

Serenata andalusa op.27

Navarra for 2 violin and piano op.33

Introduction et Tarantelle op.43

Gondoliera veneziana op.46




Cello sonata no.1

Violin sonata no.1

Piano trio 

Piano quintet




Pierrot Lunaire
Phantasie for violin and piano




Arpeggione Sonata D.821

Sonata for violin and piano in A major D.574

Three sonatines for Violin and Piano

Rondo in b minor for violin and piano

Fantasie for violin and piano

Variations on the theme ”Trockne Blumen" for Flute and Piano D.802

Piano trio no.1 in B flat major

Piano quintet in A major "Trout"

Fantasie for piano (four hands)


Clara Schumann

Three Romances for violin (viola) and piano


Robert Schumann

Adagio and Allegro for French Horn (Cello, Viola) and Piano op.70

Three Romances for Oboe and Piano

Fünf Stücke im Folkston for Cello and Piano Op. 102

Fantasiestücke for Clarinet (cello) and Piano op.73

Fantasiestücke op.88 for Violin, Cello and Piano 

Piano quartet

Piano quintet op.44

Piano trio no.3 op.111

Marchenbilder for Viola and Piano




Piano Trio no.1 in C major op.8

Piano trio no.2 in e minor op.67

Piano quintet in g minor op.57

Violin sonata

Cello sonata

Polka from the Ballet "Golden Age" arranged by Tadashi Imai

Four Preludes for Violin and Piano





Sonatina in E major for Violin and Piano

Sonata in F major for Violin and Piano




Suite for Violin and Piano




Piano trio in g minor




Suite Italienne for Violin and Piano

Suite Italienne for Cello and Piano

Divertimento for Violin and Piano

Duo Concertante for Violin and Piano

Soldier's Tale for Clarinet, Violin and Piano



R. Strauss

Cello sonata

Violin sonata



Sonata in g minor “Devil’s Trill” for violin and piano




3 Myths for Violin and Piano

Violin Sonata

Notturno and Tarantella for violin and piano




Distance de Fee for violin and piano

Hika (Elegy) for violin and piano

Orion for cello and piano

Between Tides for violin, cello and piano



Piano trio in a minor Op.50




Poeme elegiaque

Au rouet (Poeme no.2)




4 PIeces for Violin and Piano




Polonaise de Concert op.4

Souvenir de Moscou op.6

Theme original varie op.15

Scherzo-Tarantelle op.16

Legende op.17

Fantasie brillante sur ‘Faust’ de Charles Gounod op.20

Polonaise brillante op.21


Willson, Ian

Drive for violin and piano

Chamber Music Repertoire

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