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I teach following subjects:



For any enquiries, please go to "Contact" page and send me a message from the online form.

Piano Lesson

Length of Lesson:

60 - 90 minutes



45 pounds for level of ABRSM grade 1 - 4 
60 pounds for level of ABRSM grade 5 and above


Fee will be disscussed at the first lesson
(Fee for a consultation lesson can also be discussed)

Chamber Music

Orchestra excerpts


Chamber music lessons (with/without piano) : 

e.g. Piano Duo, Piano Trio, String Quartet, Quintet, Woodwind ensembles. 

Orchestra excerpts: 

Preparing for orchestra auditions.


My students' achievements:

Appointed to the orchestras in Germany, Sweden and England.



(A-level, advanced)
Music History
Music Theory


A-level (composing music in various forms including Sonata, Variations etc.) 

History class:

Covers from ancient greek to contemporary music. 
Study plan can be changed flexibly depending on your interest. 


Music theory:

Various forms of music 
Basic counterpoint



My guidance in history/theory class is received by students as highly practical idea that students feel easy to translate into their musical interpretations. 



ABRSM Aural lessons for pianists and other instrumentalists.

Length of lesson: 60 - 90 mins.

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